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It’s time to change
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Meet Your HeartCore Mentor

Mari Carmen Pizarro

Great leaders don’t just set out to be the boss, they set out to inspire others. It’s never about the role; it’s always about their purpose

Executive Coaching

Through her global coaching and consulting practice, Mari Carmen has helped hundreds of leaders in countries all over the world overcome their personal obstacles, leverage their strengths and soar to new heights.

Mari Carmen’s proprietary, High Performing Executive Coaching program delivers the business results you need and the personal transformations necessary to drive future success.   Mari Carmen works with leaders to:

  • Increase their self-awareness
  • Excel at influential leadership
  • Transform their communication skills
  • Enhance their ability to inspire others
  • Discover and eliminate self-limiting beliefs
  • Soar to new heights

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Team Transformation and Consulting

We love to be part of great teams.

Successful teams share an inspiring vision, common values, a sense of purpose and clear goals laced with candid communication, respect for each member and an unwavering desire to thrive.   


Unfortunately, all teams don’t operate this way. I’ve seen my fair share of unsuccessful teams comprised of very successful individuals.  Many times these teams are more concerned with the performance of other teams rather than the success of their own, which negatively affects the team’s creativity and cooperation.

When individual team member’s goals are blurred by egoistic motives, time is wasted, meetings are soulless, bureaucracy increases and mistrust affects every interaction. This can suck the energy out of the entire organization. We can help!

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Keynote Speaker

Mari Carmen is a passionate, clever and no-nonsense speaker. She has enthused audiences from TedX to corporate events with her provocative perspective and her unique way of challenging conventional wisdom.    Her engaging talks on fearless leadership, peak performance, human health and self-awareness have motivated and inspired audiences to take small steps to “uplevel” themselves and soar to new heights.

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Mari Carmen’s aspiration to create awareness about well-being, human performance, and passionate leadership drives every one of her books, blogs, and articles. Mari Carmen delivers her unique perspective using a combination of science, psychology, experience, and wit.   Her distinctive viewpoint provokes readers to reassess their perspective and develop new ways to create lasting and inspiring changes in their professional and personal lives.

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